Aroma Care Pearl glow triple whitening night cream


Important information


Vitamin B3, B5, Vegetable squalene, Vitamin C, olive Oil, Kesar EXT & Shank Bhasm

About this item

  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Protects the inner skin against melanin
  • Softens blemishes
  • Whitening And Brightening Cream
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Note: This product is very rare due to Covid. Contact only those who want to buy this product.

(Whitening & Brightening Night Cream for Glowing Radiance Skin)

Aroma Care Triple Whitening Night Cream Whitening and Brightening Cream is a mild product that can be used on facial skin. It helps in skin lightening and removes dark spots and blemishes, keeping your skin smooth and healthy. The product is light and not greasy and blends easily with the skin with a light massage. The product is natural and does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives. It is thus suitable for all skin types.


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